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Hippocrate was born in the year of 460 BC at Kos, Ancient Greece and died in the year of 370 BC at Larissa, Ancient Greece. Hippocrates was the son of Praxithea and Heracleides. His family’s wealth allowed him to receive a very good education when he was child. After finishing his studies Hippocrates began to practice medicine. Hippocrates studied medicine just like his father. He observed not only his father, but also another physician, Herodicos, on how they treated patients. Hippocrates taught medicine to his own sons named Draco and Thessalus. Hippocate started a school for medicine in Cos around 400 BC.


Hippocrate's father was the physician Heraclides and his mother's name was Praxitela.Hippocrate had two sons named Draco and Thessalus. Also he taught them about medicine too.

Lasting Impact

Hippocrate helped the world studying medicine. Without medicine when people would become Ill they would sufferwith pain.


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Sometimes with out

One of the main things that he taught was how important it was to keep a record of the patient’s condition and symptoms. Sadly Hippocrate died around the ages of 83 or 90.


medicine while being very ill could lead to death.

By: Michelle Morales

TIMELINE LINK ---->http://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/352789/Hippocrate-Timeline/

Hippocrate Lived in the year of 460 BC in Kos, Ancient Greece. He Died 370 BC in Larissa, Ancient Greece and died around the age of 83 or 90 years old.

Hippocrate impacted people then because he studied medicine and could find cures for people who were ill.

Hippocrate's work still helps us today because if there would be no medicine we would all be very sick. Also, Doctors wouldn't be able to help us when we were sick.



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