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Social Studies

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Hippie Fashion

Hippie Music

During the 1960s, a new popular culture emerged: the hippies. The hippies lived a free lifestyle, wore wild clothes, experimented with drugs,and blamed their parents' generation for the problems that America faced.

Wild colors became popular during this time and they influenced the pop art. Hippies liked psychedelic sounding/looking things. They also liked to not be weighed down with possesions and be one with nature. This free living attitude made hippies go against the mainstream society of the time.

Hippies often had long hair with flowers in it. They also usually had at least one peace symbol on their clothing. Tie dye shirts were popular and many hippies went barefoot. Their style was flowing and free and some of the styles that we have now are influenced by the hippies.

Psychedelic pop and rock were very popular among this time period. The music was usually influenced by drugs such as LSD.




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