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The Creative Process

MY Inspirations

As a group we worked together to come up with moves that are suitable for each member of the group, because we all want to be comfortable dancing. Everyone contributed ideas and important skills we needed are teamwork, positivity, encouragement and dedication.


We chose three different songs with three different beat styles, so we can engage all types of moves into our dance, starting with a slower song/moves, to a faster song/moves, to a really intense fast song/moves.

Chris Brown in this picture is wearing something very similar to what our costume was. I was personally inspired by Chris Brown's style in clothing and also his style in dancing. He uses the hiphop energy vibe very well, which I tried to use throughout our final performance.

Emotional InvestementEmotions: Happinness, Hyped EnergyTheme: Being confident, coming outside the box and having that hiphop "swag" while dancing.Our dance began with slow hiphop moves to "2 On by Tinashe", the second song the beat speeds up so its more jumping and sharp movement to the song "I can transform you by Chris Brown", and our third song has very fast beats, in other words very fast movements to the song "Knife Party- Internet friends".We wanted the audience to feel the vibe and energy of our moves and our song choices.

By: Juanna Burgan


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