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Hip hop

Asian culture

Chinese Martial arts

Video games


- One of the frist types of chinese martial was calle chinese boxing.This style of boxing was made in 1122BC. It is not that much known ABout this martial art. - Then theres kung fu, which is not really a martial art. It is term that reffers to a practice that take patience, energy, focus.

-Chinese hip hop music is pretty new it has just started to get popular around 2005- 2015. -there has been various forms of it like trap music chinese rap. But this is more in korea.-The way it came to be was from a modern music festival in china.

In china the computer sector is one of the biggest sectors in the industry. It makes up 6 billion dollaars for exports. Arcade games are thriving there to. And for some reason the banned consoles for a few yaers which is very werid.


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