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Hip Hop

Hip Hop




Modern rapping was created during the early hip-hop movement in the 1970s. Rapping can be traced back to a style of talking or chanting over a rhythm or beat, called toasting which emerged out of Jamaica in the early 1950s. Toasting was often part of a blues dance. Blues dances generally took place in large halls or outdoors in the slums of Jamaica, and often featured African American R&B music. In 1983 a group called Run D.M.C along with Aerosmith collaborated the song Walk this Way, which made the top 10—the first hip-hop song to do so—and many credit the song for the revival of Aerosmith.Run-D.M.C. was the first rap group to blend rock and rap. In doing so, they attracted a whole new following of listeners and changed the course of hip-hop.

Origin: Jamaca

Genre: Hip Hop

Years Active: Since the 1950s

Member:DJ Kool HercKayne WestDr DreAfrika Bambaataa Run D.M.CQueen LatifahThe Beasties

1980 - The Breaks1979 - Rappers Delight1986 - Walk this Way 1986- Hot, Cool and Vicious1997 - The Score1990- Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

Queen Latifah: First Lady of Hip-HopRoxanne Shante - first female lead rapperSalt-n-Pepa- first rap artists to cross over into the mainstream pop-music market.

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It's a cultural movement. The primary sound in hip-hop is a drum or percussion line that includes bass. Hip-hop beats were traditionally created using a turntable a sound made by pushing a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable. Early hip-hop beats were also performed using a technique known as beatboxing, in which performers created percussion sounds with their mouths. Rap is a distinct category within the greater hip-hop culture. Hip-hop refers broadly to elements of a rich and varied urban culture, and encompasses break dancing, graffiti, rapping, and DJing.


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