Hip Hop Production

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Hip Hop Production

Hip Hop Productions

Business Summary This document will provide provide a business plan for a management, marketing and finances of the dancing business at Hip Hop Production.

Organizational ManagementThe business Hip Hop Production will be runned by the owner and her friend. The business won't need any employees in the future and if the owner needs any employees in the future they will need to submit an application and resume.

The Marketing PlanPeople should buy the owner'a service because the owner is dedicated to dancing. The owner has been dancing for 5 years and the owner is targeting young students.

The Financial Plan The owner has everything to start the business Hip Hop Produciton. The owner won't need any money as of right now, however she may in the future. The owner is going to make $1100 and the owners friend gets 50%.

Conclusion The owner is going to advance her students in their dancing career. The classes are going to be $10 an hour. The owner would like to have 5-6 students and would like to spend 2 hours with him. The classes would be Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Come to Hip Hop Productions and let's get it done.


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