Hip Hop Dance

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Hip Hop Dance

“As part of a lifestyle and culture of art, dance, and music, hip hop dance absorbed new elements, and has transformed into one of the most popular art forms of the 21st century.”

• Hip hop is an umbrella term describing forms that have grown alongside the broad hip hop culture. • Old School: Popping, Locking, Breakdancing, Uprock, Downrock• New School: Krumping, Street Jazz, Stepping• “Goal in hip hop was to use various parts of the body purposefully while giving the impression of fluidity through a wide range of motion.” • Requires skill, athleticism, and hours of practice.

• Hip hop culture emerged as an alternative to gang violence.• Way for young generations to express themselves and cope with the social, political, and economic struggles of the time period. • Began as a spontaneous creative outlet and then transformed into a nationwide phenomenon. • Battles allows teenagers to let out their aggression and frustration in a positive and supportive environment.

Hip Hop Culture: 1) Deejaying, 2) Emceeing3) Graffiti, 4) Breakdancing (B-boying)

Commercialization of Hip Hop Dance➢Movies: Flashdance, Breakin’ 1, Breakin’ 2, Step Up➢Television shows: So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance ] Crew➢MTV: Music Videos and Concerts➢Studio training: Broadway Dance Center


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