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•The river begins at the bottom of the Himalayas•It purifies you from sin if you bathe in it•Ganges is personified as a goddess & often shown riding a crocodile •She's daughter of mountain god himavan or Himalaya•Many people are cremated & their ashes are put in the river, drink from the river for healing

Ganges River

The Vedas are ancient religious texts that defined truth for the Hindus. They were made around 1200-200 BCE and first introduced by Aryans. There are 4 compositions each with 4 parts each containing hymns and rituals.Mahabharata was created between 400-200 BCE and is 1 of 2 epic poems teaching moral law and history. It teaches the evolution of Hinduism & their relation to other religions. It also told what the proper conduct of a king, warrior, an individual living in peace or seeking freedom was.

•People describe the writing to have perfect form•Only language used in holy functions and ceremonies of Hindus•It's said the god, Brahama, created Sanskrit & then introduced to the 9 Sages of celestial bodies •Earliest form of Vedic Sanskrit was in 1500-1200 BC•Writing of Sanskrit wasn’t introduced until it evolved into Prakrits.

Shiva is one of the 3 gods in the Hindu triumvirate that is in charge of destroying the universe so that it can be remade again by Brahma to get rid of impurities of the world. He has an "untamed passion", but is held together because of his wife, Parvati. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. She has four arms each representing something different-righteousness, desires, wealth, and liberation. Lakshmi holds a lotus flower and buds to represent beauty. People pray and worship to her especially on the full moon after Dusshera. She is worshipped as a "mother goddess".


Hindu gods

The Ghats are a set of wide stairs going down to the Ganges River (where they can bathe in the holy water) located in Varanasi. Each Ghat has a its own story and its own importance. These include the Tulsi, Bhadaini and the Panchkoat.Magh Mela is the annual festival for Hindus. The main ritual is to bathe in Sangam waters for cleansing.It is during the month of magh (since it's the most promising) for 45 days. Thousands of people gather to celebrate.

Vedas & Mahabharata

Above: Magh Mela

The god Shiva

The goddess Laksmi

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