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- Hinduism believes that all living things have a soul, or by man. - Hinduism holds the belief of the four vedas in their mind. - Hinduism believe that the souls are able to reincarnate.


5 facts on Hinduism and india !- Karma is the universal principal of cause and effect .- India does not have a national language.- Hinduis believe that the souls can be reincarnated. - India was one of the richest countries on earth until the british Hinduis.

La'Riyah Offutt

The connection between Hindu beliefs and the casgte system is that the Hindu beliefs mainly explains how there religon works and how they live and also what goes on around were they live. It also talks about how they worship and what they believe and how they have to depend on others. The caste system just talks about the levels of Hinduism and how things go in Hinduism and what Hinduis do.

4 facts about the philosophies of Hinduism! Dharma is gods divine law prevailing an every level of oxistence from the substance cosmic to the Hinduism reliogon.

4 facts about the levels of the caste system!- Brahman is described as an impresonal force, the primary source and cause of the universe.- The origns of the caste system in india and nepal one strouded, but it seems to have originated more than 2 thousand years ago.- Kshatriya: warriors and nobility - Vaisya: farmers, traders, and artisans - Shubra: tenats, farmers, and servants. Some people were born outside of the caste system.


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