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Ancient History

... are the main teachings?There are three sacred texts: the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. Hindus are polytheistic which means they worship many gods but believe in one spiritual force called Brahman.1. Hindu teachings state that the god Brahma was born from a golden egg.11. These teachings are presented as a series of questions by students, answered by a teacher.111. Reincarnation is an important idea: if you live a good life, you will be reborn in a higher caste or position but if you live a bad life you will be reborn in a lower caste or even as an animal.IV. If Hindus obey their dharma (moral duties) and follow ahisma (are non-violent), they can live a perfect life and their soul can become one with Brahma. V. Hindus believe that living things are part of Brahma and so they do not harm living things and do not eat meat.

Hinduism is a major world religion originating on the Indian subcontinent. It is a polytheistic religion.There is no founder of Hinduism. Instead, Aryan prayers passed down through generations were mixed with existing cultures of India to create Hinduism.

What are the origins of Hinduism?



... are the main festivals?Temples hold at least one festival a year.1. Diwali, the festival of lights means rows of lighted lamps. It celebrates the new year and features fireworks. People exchange gifts, gamble for good luck in the year and light ceremonial lights to welcome the goddess of wealth into people's homes.11. Holi, the festival that marks the coming of spring is generally held in March. It is a colourful festival with dancing and singing. People throw powder paint and coloured water. There is no distinction between caste, age, gender...


Where do Hindus go on pilgrimages?Pilgrims pilgrimage to holy places. Places can be holy because of a historical event, a connection with a legendary figure, the appearance of a god, or because it is the bank of a holy river. These visits are meant to be of benefit to the pilgrim.For example people travel to Varanasi where death is near hope, to be released from the cycle of birth and death by dying near the Ganges River.

Hindus practise yoga exercises to help free the soul from the worries of the world. Yoga may be used as a path to Brahman. There are many different types of yoga, not just physical activity: Giving to the poor is the yoga of selflessness, learning the sacred texts is the yoga of knowledge and worshiping a personal god is the yoga of devotion. Hindus perform rituals in temples and at a home altar to a personal god.An important worship element is prasada, when a part of food offered by a pilgrim to a god is returned.

How do Hindus worship?



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