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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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-The Vedas, the oldest collection of Hindu writings, hold authority in the religion-the idea of reincarnation-the idea of Karma, where good people will be rewarded in this live and the next, and vise versa.-Belief that people should be open-minded to others ideas-Belief that the universe is in a continous cycle of creation, it's life, and then it's death.-The religion does not require the worship of one ceratin God or a a group of gods - However, most Hindus worship the main gods of Shiva, Vishnu or Shakti.

Basic Beliefs

-Ayurveda- the ancient system of medicine that balances yoga, the body, diet, and herbal treatment-meditation using yoga-Nasmaste greeting- a that is meant to come straight from the heart-Sadhu- a practice where devote Hindus give up everything and commit their lives soley to one god, or meditation technique-creamated after death and ashes spread over a body of water

Common Hindu rituals and practices

Common Deities

Brahman- not a specific being but everything that is in the universe.Hindu Trinity-Brahma- the creator of the cosmos-Vishnu- the preserver of the universe, is in charge of maintaining the order of the world. It is worshipped in many forms of avatars-Shiva- is the destroyer of the universe, but is not seen as bad since it is seen as regenerating the universe.

Sacred texts

-Vedas- the oldest and the most sacred texts in Hinduism-Upanishads- contain advice about how to live one's life and the world around us-Puranas- tell stories and narratives about the Hindu religion and deities- the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are two stories within the religion that teach morals, considered two of the longest poems ever written.

Holy Places/objects

-Varanasi- the most holy place of pilgramage-Cows

Caste System

Four Goals of Hinduism

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