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How did Hindus worship?Hindu's worshiped by praying in public and doing rituals. They also show devotion privately at home. A Hindus's devotion to the god brings the soul closer. They also did yoga because they belive it helps free the soul from the cares of the world. In fact the word yoga means "union". There are different types of yoga, spiritiual yoga (like meditation) and phisichal (which includes movents.)

Hinduism developed and began with sevral cultures blending. As Aryan culture mixed with India new ideas and belifs formed into creating one of the worlds oldest living religions, Hinduism

This is the god ganesh

What are the main origins of Hinduism?

What are the main teachings?

A Hindu's duties is another main teaching. There is a way to escape the cycle of death and rebirth, a person must obey thier dharma. Once they have lived a happy life several times the soul goes to hevean. They belived in many gods, they were polythiestic.

Reincarnation is another main teaching in the Upanishads. Reincarnation is a rebirth of the soul. Hindus belive that when a person dies, the soul is reborn in a body of another living thing.

One of the main teachings are The Upanishads. The Upanishads is one of hindu religious texts. It means "sitting near a teacher". It is one of the three main religious text. The other two hindu texts are the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita.

PILIGRIMAGESPilgrimages to holy places began during the Vedic period and continue to be an important aspect of modern Hinduism. People are left in the piligrimage to heal deadful diseases. People who are near to death go there, hoping to be released from the cycle of birth-death

FESTIVALSTemples of any significance hold a festival at least once a year. Festivals are combinations of religious ceremonies, of the favored god, music, dances, and other forms of celebration. Most festivals are related to the cycles of nature.

The god Durga Puja

Ahimsa is a term meaning 'compassion' and 'not to injure'.

phisical Yoga

This is the symbol "om"


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