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The Ganges River was the most prominent archetype of all holy water. In the Epics its revered as a goddess. The Hindus called the Ganges River the "Mother Ganges." The entire river is a famous religious pilgrimage route. Its a sign of purity, they believe it holds a scared power to purify. The Hindu worship by bathing in the water, drinking its waters, praying to it, invoking it in oaths, and chanting its name. All Hindus worship the Ganges River and its powers.


Sir William Jones researched sanskrit. He discovered that it came from the same origin as Latin, Greek, and Persian.

Hanuman is the Hindu Monkey God. He devoited himself to Rama. Hanuman was granted everlasting life for his love and service. He promised tobe worshiped next to his idol, Rama. The Hindus have a annual celebration for Hanuman. They fast then celebrate with a large vegitarian feast.


Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. she is concidered the mother goddess, and is worshipped by the Hindu's for an entire month.

The Vedas is a sacred text, there are four vedas, Rig, Sama. Yajur, and Atnarva. The Ghats are mountains that the gods live upon, so sacred rivers have Ghats or stairs leading towards the water like the mountian. In the Mahabharata the principle of all doctrines are present. Also it is one of 2 major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. Magh Mela is an annual festival in Allahbad, India. It celerbrates the beginning of the universe. It starts on the first bathing day, when people take a hoy dip in the Sangam.


The Ganges River

Origins of Sanskirt

The Vedas and Mahabharata


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