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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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!Oldest living religion (more than 3000 years old)!Mixing of beliefs (Aryans and indus) = Hinduism!3rd largest religion in the world!82.5% of the population identifying themselves as Hindu in india (most beliefs practised by ancient hindus still practised today but other aspects for eg. Caste system, less important now)!celebrate many holy days, (eg. Festival of Lights, Diwali)

Key beliefs:–Truth is eternal–Brahman is truth & reality–The Vedas are ultimate authority–Everyone should strive to achieve dharma–Individual souls are immortal–The goal of individual souls are moksha -non-violence•Teaches that all life is sacred•Cows are especially sacred -reincarnation•When a person dies, his soul is reborn-gods

HistoryHinduism:-Does not have any one founder-key figures teach different philosophies & write numerous holy books. (writers often refer to Hinduism as 'a way of life' or 'a family of religions' rather than single religion)-Spread to a lot of people eg. southeast asia (built temples and adopted idea of divine kingship but changes were made like people in southeast asia never adopt caste system. Thus cultural adaptation)-Most socially accepted teaching*Success of democracy*Religious tolerance -ancient religion with well-established traditions that cut deeply into Indian daily life.

Hinduism (INDIA)

BeliefsWorship of many gods(Brahma,Vishnu,Shiva) -concept that the Absolute “Brahman” cannot be equated with “God”-Believe in non-violence & reincarnation (do good deeds and you’ll reborn in higher caste, enough good deeds, soul join creator god Brahma)-It has had a profound impact on India's history, culture and philosophy

Om Used as a prayer in itself, "om" is a sacred mantra in the Sanskrit.

Hinduism's Sacred Animal-Holy Cow

-Hinduism originated from the civilisation of Harappa-They represented their Gods and Goddesses as animals like cattle, elephants, unicorn etc.-The Harappans also worshiped natural forces like wind and fire. -Religion was a major part of the Harappan life.

-Hinduism is a tolerant and peace loving religion-There are 4 Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda.



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