Hinduism: The Impact

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Hinduism: The Impact

The Hindu Religion started in the Indus River valley as early as 2,000 B.C.E. significant event that involved Hindus was the Indian Revolution. During this time, India consisted of both battling Muslims and Hindus over their beliefs. The Hindu leader Mahatma Gandhi stood out from the rest of the Muslims, and preached his Hindu beliefs to the people of India. After many long years, Gandhi eventually led India to independence in 1947. The Bombay riots of 1992-93 were another large event involving both Hindus and Muslims. The riots were caused when Hindus destroyed a Muslim Temple. Between the two sides, over 900 people were killed.

In India, Hinduism is practiced by over 75 percent of the second highest populated country in the world. Hindu temples can be found all over India. Disputes between Hindu's and Islam’s still linger today, but where not as bad as they were in recent history. Most disputes between the competing religions were between Hindu nationalism and Islam fundamentalism. Pilgrimages to various temples across the world (Mostly in Asia) cause Hindus to travel. This movement causes the Hindu people to interact with other peoples across the world.

The most famous Hindu in History is without doubt Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi used his Hindu beliefs of peace without Violence and other beliefs to lead the Indian people to independence from the British. Another famous Hindu figure was priest named Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna was easily the most famous holy figure in the 19th century. He gained many followers and preached to his followers to seek higher power. Ramakrishna prayers were often so intense that he would lose consciousness for the majority of the prayer. Those are two of the most famous Hindus to walk the earth.

The impact ofHindusim

Who are some of the most famous Hindus in History?

What impact has this religion had on India? The world?

Are there any significant events that have taken place that involve Hindus or Hinduism?

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