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Hinduism Jasmine

How do hindus worshipYoga: Hindus believed that yoga helps free the soul from all the things going on it the world- It made them unite with the holy Brahman.Devotion: They would worship in public by praying and doing rituals. They would also show devotion at home by offering gifts and food to honor their chosen god. That brings them closer to Brahman.

Holi festival

Main teachingsThe Upanishads: The Upanishads is a religious text meaning 'sitting near the teacher'. It's used with a series of questions and answers.Reincarnation: Reincarnation is the rebirth of a person. If you were good you would be reborn in a higher position than the ones that were bad.The Duties of a Hindu: To escape the cycle of life and death one would have to obey his/her religion and duties. For a man, his duty would be to take care of the woman in his family. Hindus duty was also to respect. That's why some are Vegetarian.

Origins of hinduismHinduism is india but noone really knows where it's origined. Hindus beilieve theire religion is timeless and that hinduism always existed.

Hinduism life

FestivalsHoli is the festival of love the hindus celebrate each year. The eavning before holi friends and families gather together and dance and sing. The next day everyone goes outside and throws colored powder and waterballoons at eachother.Diwali is a 5 day festival designed to give you luck for the rest of the year, celebrating light instead of dark, and good instead of evil.

Diwali festival

Where do hindus go on pilgrimages?Pilgrimages are a group of people travelling together. Hindus mostly go to beautiful places like the Ganges River or other holy places.


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