Hinduism Facts

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Hinduism Facts

9 Basic Hindu Beliefs1. Reverence of Our Revealed Scriptures2. All-Pervasive Divinty3. Three Worlds and Cycles of Creation4. The Laws of Karma and Dharma5. Reincarnation and Liberation6. Temples and the Inner Worlds7. Yoga Guided by a Satguru8. Compassion and Noninjury9. Genuine Respect for Other Faiths

Ancient India

Facts-3rd largest religion in the world-About 1 billion adherents-15% of worlds population-Shiva,Vishnu, and Brahma are major deities-Diwali Major Holiday-Brahmans, priests or religious officails - Dondi, it is Hinudu ritual

Hindu Videos

Beliefs of Hindusim

Basic facts about Hinduism -Majority of people that follow this religion live in India or Nepal -One of the oldest religions in the world-Hinduism isn't a religion more a way of life-Hinduism has 330 million gods



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