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HinduismIt´s the religion of the majority of India and Nepal. Hinduism has no signle founder, no single scripture, no commonly agreed set of teachings. It´s the oldest religion in the world in some ways. Some of the elements have been around thousands of years.

BrahmaFirst of 3 Gods responsible for creation. His job was creation of the world and the creatures.

ShivaThird of 3 Gods responsible for creation. Shiva is known as the Destroyer or Transformer. He is also more so destroying ego and so Brahma can create a new world.


VishnuVishnu is the second God of 3. He is the upkeeper of the Earth. He keeps the balance of good and evil. He is believed to have been reincarnated 9 times already but will be once again close to the end of this world.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

WeddingsHindu Sacraments are called sankars and the sacraments at a wedding are called Vivah sacraments. This represents the start of what is considered the most important stage of life. This stage is called Grihistha Ashrama which is contains the creation of a new family unit. Details of what is done at these wedding is different depending on the region the couple is from or at.

WorshipWorship in Hinduism is called Puja. This usually involves images, prayers, and diagrams of the universe. The majority of himes that are Hindu have shrines where an offering is made. Worshippers repeat the names of their deity and repeat prayers (mantras). Water, fruit, incense, and flowers are offered to those Gods and Goddesses.

HolidaysMany Hindu´s do not get defensive when it comes to other religions holidays. The Hindus would happily join in any celebration for any festival.


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