[2015] Erin Olenchalk (pattonfall2015p78): Hinduism

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[2015] Erin Olenchalk (pattonfall2015p78): Hinduism

The Caste system was developed by the aryans. The Aryans did not want associate with the darker skinned people so they created the caste system. There are five groups of the caste system

Hinduism is the dominant religion, way of life in south asia. Hinduism includes a wide variety of traditions. It has no unquestionable religious authorities, no government body, no prophet(s), and no holy book. Hindus can choose to be polytheistic, monotheistic, athiest, humanist, and etc.Hinduism is an umbrella of terms.

Caste System

Hinduism Facts

Video about hinduism

Dharma is the most important goal of hindu. Hindu dharma includes duties, rights, laws, and right way of living life. Dharma is the acceptance of everything existing and sustain harmony.



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