HINDER - Lips Of An Angel

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HINDER - Lips Of An Angel

Narrator character- The song is first person narrative, because it's the main character who is telling the story. The narrative is using ''I'', ''me'' and ''my''.An example will be; ''Well, my girl's in the next room. Sometimes I wish she was you. I guess we never really moved on.''- The main character in the song is a male, and we know that you is an exgirlfriend/flirt. But we don't get any other information. - He wishes that his new girl, sometimes was the ex. He is missing their time together, and thinks that they never really moved on. - We do have a static character; ''you'' is a static character.


''Lips of an angel''

Literary elements

Metaphors; ''Lips of an angel''Mood; Sadness, loss, but still a little bit of happiness because ''She'' is calling him. Theme; Love.Internal; ''Sometimes I wish she was youI guess we never really moved on''Climax; ''It's really good to hear your voice saying my name. It sounds so sweetComing from the lips of an angelHearing those words it makes me weak''

Released:July 24, 2006

Written by;Brian Howes, Rey Casiano, Austin Winkler and Cody Hanson.

Single by Hinder - from the album Extreme Behavior


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