Hindenburg Disaster

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Hindenburg Disaster

Hindenburg Disaster

When and Where did the Hindenburg Crash?The Hindenburg Airship burnt up on May 6th, 1937 in Lakehurst, New Jersey coming from Germany.

Why was the Hindenburg Constructed?The Hindenburg was desinged to transport supplies for Germany's military. It was also used for passenger transportation. Unfortunately, at the time of the crash, it was carrying passengers, not military supplies.

20 Facts~ Largest airship ever built at that time ~Most mysterious and controversial airship disaster~A passenger could have a nice private cabin for $400~Had a smoking room~Supplied the cigrattes and lighter~Had a 400 pound piano on the first flight~Played a huge part in the opening ceremony for the Berlin Summer Olympics~Had swastikas on its tailfins, which was a symbol for Nazi power~Had lots of bomb threats ~4 days it played patriotic songs and pro-Hitler announcements~Hydrogen, which is what was used to make the blimp fly, is the most common element found on Earth ~Hydrogen is also the lightest element ~It was lifted by 16-air tight cotton bags containing 7 million cubic feet of hydrogen gas ~There was a replica built to try and figure out what the real cause was~The replica was filled with 8,000 cubic feet of hydrogen gas~There has been many theories about what made the blimp explode in fire~The captain's name was Max Pruss~He refused to leave before he tried to help everyone get out~He lived but had severe burns all over his body~Still no one knows the real reason of what caused the Hindenburg Disaster

Construction of the HindenburgIt took 4 1/2 years to complete the Hindenburg. With a cost of $42 million it had, 14 miles of aluminum, 85 miles of steel wire, and was enlcosed by 350,000 sq ft of painted linen fabric.

5 Quotes1) "It was designed to be lifted by helium, but instead it was forced to use hydrogen- seven million cubic feet of the flammable gas."("Hindenburg Crash-Lakehurst, New Jersey: 1937" 1)2) "Oh, the humanity and all the passengers!"(Morrison 1)3) "In 1937, the German dirigible LZ 129, nicknamed the HIndenburg, traveled form Germany to the United States."("Hydrogen" 1)4) "Just before the disaster, the German Embassy recieved an anonymous letter warning that something will happen to the Hindenburg, exactly where the disaster began."("What Destroyed the Hindenburg FAQ" 1)5) "The Hindenburg carried 17,000 pieces of correspondence on its final voyage. Amazingly, 176 pieces of stored in protective containers survived the crash and were postmarked four days after the disaster."("The Hindenburg Disaster: 9 Surprising Facts" 1)

Was the Hindenburg Succesful?The Hindenburg was both succesful and unsuccesful. It did increase the numbers of weapons produced, but just not enough to win. By doing this it made the production of conusmer goods go down and caused hyperinflation, which means the prices were increased.

How Many People Survived the Crash?There was a total of 97 people on the Hindenburg, counting the passengers and crew members. WIth a total of 32 deaths, 62 survived. There were 13 passengers, 22 crew members, and one worker on the ground that passed.

This is is a picture of the Hindenburg in flight

This video gives a brief description of the Hindenburg along with the crash

Here is a picture of the Hindnburg exploding, it was completley gone in only 32 seconds




Addison Bain had a very storng theory that it was the flammable chemicals painted on the outtershell of the airship. He thinks the static charges from the storm ignited it. This video shows evidence that it wasn't from that.

Here is the inside interior of the HIndenburg dining room




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