Highschool years

by carnitas
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Highschool years

Going into highschool is a change from winter to spring.It's a time where you change your maturity, you discover who you Are and what you want to do with your life. It's a time and place Where you meet and interact with different people and not just have a certain "group" of people that you pertain to.Highschool gives you the opportunity to plant your seeds of knowledge and sprout into a new person. It's where you can become the person that depends on himself to make the choice you want."The beginning of something new."That's what many parents and teachers say. To students it may be just words that mean nothing.Just anxious, awaiting for that brand new day. Highschool will bring a delivery of difficult decisions.You will decide for your own benefit or your own failure. You will need to give your all in order to succeed. Take responsibility of work and actions to exceed.Diversity and a comfortable enviornment will make your school come alive.Like it or not, you may need to become friends with your worst enemies. Respect your school lunch lady or janitor so that when you need a favor, they do it with pleasure. Once these four years of high school are over, there are another four to go.A pressure will be lifted off of your back but another will begin Like a basketball game depending on you scoring the last free throw. Then "Swish" you win the game against the second best team in the league But tomorrow you must go against the best team. At the end of Highschool your flower will bloom.Your future will be decided But it is only up to you to determine and conclude The time to come by accomplishing people's expectations of you.

High School...Years of the Future!!!


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