High Seas and Strong Winds . . . TEENAGERS

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High Seas and Strong Winds . . . TEENAGERS


Build trust with students by staying engaged in their emotional battles - - LISTEN TO THEM!!

Emotional Development- Childhood Experiences - What's their Expression- Understanding and regulating their emotions from birth to late adolescence

Cause and Effect- Sexual abuse most often leads to sexual problems in relationships- Emotional abuse most often leads to low self-esteem- Physical abuse can cause matrial breakdowns

You have NO idea what I'm going through

AwarenessSelf- ManagementEmpathySocial Problem Solving

Emotional Intelligence Attributes

Do I fit in?

Emotional Rapids!

The Journey to Adolesence - CAUTIONRough Seas Ahead!!

WARNINGTurbulent Water!AnxietyDepressionLoneliness

Why do I have to be home so early?IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

FINALLY!I have been accepted!I am dating a popular guy.

Your headline here

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Students learn to supress negative emotions

Struggle with having separate

emotions as their parents

Emotions of Adolescents

Is my hair right?

Do I have the latest cell phone?

I don't have a date to the prom yet!!!!!!!!

Four Variations of Self-Concept- General self-concept: An evaluation of self and abilities and roles- Temporary self-concept: Temporary evaluation based on a recent event or remark- Social self: The way we believe we are viewed by others- Ideal self: How we would like to be Taken from, The Adolescent Views Himself, (Strang 1957)



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