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High/Scope Approach

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1. High Scope was originally designed for low income, at-risk children. Research shows that low income children who learn through the high scope method: ~Stay in school longer~Are more likely to graduate~Are more likely to be employed~Are less likely to be involved in crime~Are less likely to be on welfare (Isbell & Raines, 2013, pg. 289)2. Allows children to explore creativity3. Stimulates children's thinking and independance

ELL & High Scope

High/Scope Approach

High Scope is a program focused on active paticipartory learning. Teacher's are responsible for providing an environment that is rich with diverse materials, to stimulate children's cognitive abilities. Children chose to use the materials is ways that they see fit, while the teacher's take a supporting role during the child's play. Through this process, children are able to investigate items they are interested in, and come up with creative responses to what is being learned.

This approach is defnitely beneficial for student's who are still learning english. Because of the child-centered aspect, ELLs will be free to explore whatever interests them. The teacher can then take note of this, and use how they respond to the materials and information within the classroom to stem a relationship. This would in turn get these students to feel more comfortable in what could be an unfamiliar and uncomfortable setting.

''Do-Plan-Review''In Action

Key Concpets

What is High Scope?

2. Consistent Daily Routine

1. Organization of the Classroom and Materials

3. Teacher-Child Interactions


The Benefits

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