High School Dropouts

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High School Dropouts

The education system's biggest worry: ''What will happen to them?''

Bowling for Soup's song "Almost" tells the tale of a would-be dropout. With a big tween fanbase, the song served as a lesson to Millenials to not drop out with its references to drugs, legal trouble, and getting your heart broken.

So, why do kids drop out?

Several causes are listed as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, failure of classes, constant punishment/authority, and the "push out factor," when a child is deemed too far behind to graduate at a reasonable age and is instead encouraged to drop out (i.e. a disabled student at age 21 or 22). The video below shows people giving their reasons why they dropped out.

DID YOU KNOW:Men have a higher probability of dropping out; they make up 54% of the dropout population. 6% of girls in the drop out age range (16-24) are dropouts.

High School Dropouts

This man gives his testimony on the stigma of being a dropout and how it affects his work life and salary.

Clemson University hosts the National Dropout Prevention Network. Check it out here!

Click the paperclip to see data on Georgia's dropouts.

Celebrities like Kanye West are using their star status to bring attention to America's dropout crisis. (link)

This PDF Booklet gives insight to dropout income, race/gender demographics, graduation rates, and more information.