High School Dropouts

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High School Dropouts

High School Dropouts

Main Point 3 If you are still not convinced here are a few more statistics. Employers will give you longer hours and not pay as much if you are a dropout. Also you will most likley have to work holidays. One of the biggest reasons people dropout is to support their family but if you simpily finish high school it is better for the long run.

Main Point 1 Did you know that if you graduate high school you have already helped yourself? Some people dont realize that if you graduate high school you will get paid higher than someone that hasent. It is hard for dropouts to get higher paying jobs like in management. Only about 12 occupations hire high school dropouts. Also employers will make you work long hours for minimum wage.

Glog by: Margaret Nielsen

Main Point 2 During my research I interviewed a high school dropout. They said that they regreted dropping out and couldn't get the job that they had wanted right away. Later in life they had to take classes and they then got the job tha they wanted. This was not easy, after not going to school for 6 years if was hard to take the classes. This is just another reason why kids shouldn't be able to drop out of high school.

Introduction High School Dropouts usualy make $973,000 in their lifetime, compared to $1,303,000 which a high school graduate makes. I think that the dropout age should be raised to 18 so that all children are made to graduate. 7,000 high school dropout everyday, we can change that, I can prove that you get payed more if you graduate, that people who have dropped out regret it, and that it is better in the long run to stay in high school.

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Opposing Side Some jobs you can get the same pay as someone who would have graduated college. Students that dropout when they are 16 will actually get a better job than someone who is still in school at the time.It also gives you more opportunity to see how the world works. The biggest reason for most dropouts is that they think that it gives them more freedom. Counter Argument Even if some jobs don't cut the pay, most will and later in life it will affect you and if you have kids or a husband/wife it will effect them also.


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