High School Booktalk Bonanza

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High School Booktalk Bonanza

Booktalk BonanzaOctober 13, 2011

High School Selections

Trotsky’s life becomes a guide to the creation of the Soviet Union, the horrors of World War I, and the establishment of international communism as he, Lenin, and their fellow Bolsheviks rise from persecution and a life underground to the height of political power. the renowned comic artist Rick Geary uses his distinct style to depict the stark reality of the man and his times.

Nylon Road is the memoir of an Iranian woman that emmigrates to Australia. It is a nice bridge between full text and graphic novels.

Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness vividly portrays the unpredictable life of a loner, patriot, outlaw, and music rebel, making this unique biography a compelling read for multiple generations of graphic novel and music fans.

A new mystery series starring chemistry loving, 11 year old Flavia de Luce. It begins with a series of inexplicable events in the 1950's English countryside. It's quirky and humorous - a definite must-read!



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