High Intensity

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High Intensity

High Intensity

High Intensity Training is a form of progressive resistance exercise characterized by a high level of effort and relatively brief and infrequent workouts, as opposed to typical training methods involving low to moderate levels of effort and longer, more frequent workouts.

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The most fundamental principle of exercise is overload. To stimulate increases in muscular strength and size you must impose a demand on the muscles that is greater than they accustomed to. The harder, or more intense an exercise is, the greater the degree of overload and the more effective the exercise.High intensity training methods vary with regards to the specific style, speed, and number of repetitions performed, as well as the number of exercises and frequency of workouts, but all emphasize working as hard as possible.

1.Leg Press or Squat machine2.Pulldown3.Chest Press or Dip4.Compound Row5.Overhead Press6.Hip/Back Extension7.Trunk Curl8.Heel Raise



Interval Workout


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