High Impact Strategy 1

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High Impact Strategy 1

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.3.3.AIdentify and know the meaning of the most common prefixes and derivational suffixes.Homework helps memorization, increase understanding, prepare for the next day's lesson and improve skill speed and skill application.http://www.pamelaplatt.com/lesson_plans/high_yield_strategies/high_yield_strategies.htmlDifferentiation can be completed by handing out leveled worksheets, asking for repeating information vs. producing information (copying suffix examples vs. creating own), and targeting for all types of learners via hands on projects, writing, creating visual posters, study videos to listen to at home, games, etc.

High ImpactStrategies

Homework & Practice:Kristine Ertl"Teach-Now, July 2014"

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Why I chose the strategy


1) ..Many students will benefit from extended practice of these topics outside the class environment..2)..A better understanding of these topics and faster recognition makes necessary reading skills easier..3)..Memorization of definitions and word structures will help with decoding skills in future reading assignments..

Homework Assigned Games-for Differentiated Learning Styles

Homework Poster

Lesson Activity Used as Homework withDifferentiation Strategies



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