High Expectations For Student Behavior

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High Expectations For Student Behavior

Why Do You Believe in High Expectations?

The importance of high expectations for student behavior ....

High Expectations for Student Behavior

High Expectations for Students - Jennifer Lane

Expectation LevelsLevel the students are expected to have achieved bythe end of the academic year

Student Goal-SettingThe acts of setting, planning and accomplishing goals can have a positive impact on students of all ages. This practice, whether done individually or in groups, can give students direction, motivate them, raise their grades and build their self-esteem.- Provides a Plan for Success- Provides Motivation- Raises Grades- Builds Confidence

The Affective Domain * Give frequent, early, positive feedback* Ensure opportunities for students' success* Help students find personal meaning and value in the material.* Create an atmosphere that is open and positive.* Help students feel that they are valued members

Pride in Work** Take pride in what you are doing and make it real.** Establish a sense of belonging.** Seek role models

Importance of the ContentKeeping students motivated and interested are two important factors underlying the importance of content. Motivation and interest are crucial in supporting student success with challenging, informative activities that support success and which help the student learn complex skills

the importance of high expectations for student behaviorGood expectation for the students behavior + Subject matter competence = A well organized classroom management and learning environment


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