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Hieronymus Bosch

-Born in S'Hertogenbosch Brobnant (Netherlands)-Came from a family of artists-Married wealthy Alety Goyaerts den Meervenne in 1480 so Bosch's social status was improved-Joined Brotherhood of Our Lady in 1486; some of Bosch's first works were commissioned by them-His works focused on the sins and evils of humans and the consequences of them, using demons and half-humans as the subject-Followed the International Gothic Style but was really completely unique, because he might have been taught by family members


c.1450-Bornc.1480-Married c.1486-Joined Brotherhood 1516-Died Aug. 9

Famous Pieces: "The Garden of Earthly Delight" "The Ship of Fools" "The Last Judgement" "The Seven Deadly Sins" "Death and the Miser"Famous patrons: Henry III of Nassau-Breda Philip the Handsome Philip the II of Spain (after Bosch's death)

Lasting Impact



-Purposely painted disturbing images so that people did not forget his message of sin-Invented realism

Hieronymus Bosch

Above: "The Ship of Fools" depicts the ship of humanity drifting in the ocean never reaching port because all inside are focussed on here and now.Below: The triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" can mean different things, but the closed flaps to the left seem to represent the creation of the world, and the open flaps to the right is the journey from the garden to lifeto hell.


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