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In 1799 a captain named Pierr Bouchard discovered the Rosetta Stone that was carved in Egyptian and Greek. The Rosetta Stone was created in 196 BC and has 3 scripts written on it which are; Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Demotic and Ancient Greek. The stone was discovered in a temple in Sais. Meanwhile throughout time, the Rosetta stone was passed down to many people until it finally reached European museums. In 1802 the stone made its way to London to be put in the British Museum. It was the most visited object in many museums.

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2000 BC - Phoenician alphabet2500 BC - Epic of Gilgamesh2750 BC - First Pyramids built3100 BC - Narmer, first king of Egypt3400- Cuneiform script

- Without understanding hieroglyphics over a thousand years of Egyptian history would still be a mystery - Hieroglyphs only use no vowels only consonants - Hieroglyphs were written in vertical rows and horizantally in columns - They could be read from left to right or fromt right to left - There are over 700 egyptian symbols - Egyptians used "Phonograms" to spell out the sounds of the words - In 1820 Francois Champollion figured out an entire list of Egyptian symbols - A lot of Egyptian culture were not able to read or write - Boys at the age of 6 or 7 had to learn to write in hieroglyphics which took several years to complete - Not all symbols represented single letters but some pictures represented words - Egyptians did not use any spacing - In 1799 Pierr Bouchard discovered the Rosetta stone carved in Egyptian and greek - Hieroglyphic and Greek alphabet helped scholars to understand hieroglyphic code without the Rosetta stone - Egyptians used hieroglyphics to send secret messages - Hieroglyphics are not only alphebetic but also syllabic


Hieroglyphs are ancient Egyptian writing system. They are one of the most difficult codes to figure out. It would take years to figure out. All knowlwdge of what hieroglyphs mean have been lost. The hieroglyphs resemble to no known alphabet. The reason Hieroglyphics are not taught in school because it was so difficult to learn. For example, young boys at the age of 6 and 7 were supposed to learn Hieroglyphics which took a few year to complete learning. My topic connects to the Art category of Persia because i think that the Hieroglyphs were small paintings that told a story which they did. If you look at Hieroglyphs they sometimes look familiar and sometimes they look like little, weird symbols. I think studying Hieroglyphics would be quite interesting because leanring them and figuring out the codes would be a great challenge. It was the Egyptians own creative way of communticating.

Ancient Hieroglyphs

The Rosetta Stone

Hieroglyph Secrets



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