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Nobody actually knows for sure where or when hieroglyphics were first used, but scholars believe that they were used around 3200-3100 B.C.

when they were used

Key people in deceiphering heirogyphics

hieroglyphics arent pronounced the same as the alphabet. for example there are two different pictures for G, the Cobra is pronounced like George.The pot is pronounced like go, or girl.

Some scholars think that the hieroglyphics were used as an idea from Mesopotamian writing. However, there are inscriptions from the time King Scorpian was in power which was around 3400 B.CThe Egyptians believe thst writing was invinted by the god Thoth.Some of the more kookoo scholars say that the Egyptians got it from aliens, or another advanced civilization.

How theycame tobe

How the egyptians wrote

Fun fact:The Rosseta stone weighs aproximately 1,690 Ib's !


we have known about hieroglyphics for about 3,000 years yet we recently discovered what they mean.When french General Napoleon Bonaparte invaded france in 1798 a French Captain named Pierre Bouchard found a stone with Greek, Egyptian( more modern version), and Hieroglyphics.It wasn't until 1822 until Jean-François Champollion finished deciphering the Heiroglyphics.


Pierre Bouchardfound Rosseta Stone

The egyptian writing was consisting of pictures to form words and phrases.They put no spaces or puncuation in their words.imaginehowharditwouldbeforustodothisonadailybasisfortherestofyourlife!There were no vowels in their writing"How are you doing?" would be "Hw r dng?"Hieroglyphics could be written up, down, and sideways(left and right)The Egyptians had about 700 plus letters in their alpphabet, when we only have 26.

Hieroglyphics were mostly written on stone, but scribes also wrote them on papyrus as well.

Fun fact:The Rosseta stone weighs aproximately 1,690 Ib's !

Did you know? Scribes somtimes used a shorter, faster form of the hieroglyphic called ‘hieratic’


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