Hideki Yukawa

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Hideki Yukawa

Born: January 23, 1907Birthplace: Tokyo, JapanDied: September 8, 1981 in Kyoto, Japan due to having pneumonia and heart failure.

Hideki Yukawa

By: Cheyenne and Josh

Carl David Anderson discoverd Yukawa's particle in cosmic radiation. Yukawa spent the rest of his career working on a comprehensive theory of elementry particles. In 1949 Yukawa became the first Japanse scientist to be awarded a Nobel Prize, and donated the bulk of the acompanying cash to physics research at Kyoto University. In 1955 he was a signatory to the Russell-Einstein Manifesto (a letter from ten different famed scientists calling for worldwide nuclear disarmament.)

Hideki Yukawa was a Japanese physicist. He proposed a new theory of nuclear forces and published his theory of mesons in 1935. His theory of mesons explained the interaction between protons and neutrons, and it was also a major influence on research into elementry particles. He theorized that the meson acts as a glue, holding various other particles together to form the nucleus of the atom. He also worked on the theory of K-capture, in which is a low energy electron is absorbed by the nucleus.

Married his wife Sumiko Yukawa in 1932 and had two sons, Harumi Yukawa and Takaaki Yukawa


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