[2014] Justine Haugo: Hidden Girl

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[2014] Justine Haugo: Hidden Girl

Author: Shyima Hall

Title: Hidden Girl

Main Events~ At the age of 6 Shiyma is given to captors to become their slave to make up for her sisters debt.~ At the age of 10 Shiyma moves to U.S. with her captors and still works as a slave. ~ At the age of 14 Shiyma is rescued by child protective services and put into foster care~ At the age of 15 Shiyma learns to speak English and is also diagnosed with RA, anxiety, depression, and insomnia ~ At the age of 19 Shiyma graduates high school and gets her drivers liscense

SettingsThe setting starts out in the booneys of Cairo, Eygpt then moves to a mansion in upper Cairo. 5 years later the setting changes to Orange County in a mansion. Then just Orange county in general.

CharactersShiyma Hall- Author of book, girl who is sold into slavery by parents but then is saved by US child protective services The Mom-"Owner" of Shiyma, a cruel women who keeps Shyma as her family slave.The Dad- "Owner" of Shiyma, husband of "the mom" and Shymas captor

Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

Shyima was given into slavery by her parents and was a slave for 8 years but that wasn't even the real problem. The real problem was not being able to speak english at 14 years old in the US and jumping from foster home to foster home. Another struggle that Shiyma faced was she had never been to school but she could read english but even then she was always with a younger class.

After all of the struggles and set backs that Shiyma had faced she was still able to accomplish wonderful things. She went to court and won against her captors, she was able to learn english and get a real job in the same year (Cashier at her local Godiva Chocalate store). She was able to graduated high school at the age of 19 and was also able to get her drivers liscence and become a US citizen. Shiyma now volunteers at the local police station, is a mother and married, and one day hopes to become an immagration officer. Shiyma also talks at local schools and conventions about her experiences.

Personally I really struggled reading this book just because I am not used to reading autobiographies. The story itself was very enjoyable and really helped me see that there are still lots of sick twisted people in this world, people that would keep humans as there own personal slaves. I think this book is very informational and helps to get the word out that slavery is still around. The book was also very eye opening that this is still happening in our country and communities.

Book Report

To see an interveiw with Shiyma go to: http://www.coastmagazine.com/articles/shyimahall-2932--.html

Justine Haugo

Genre: Young Athour


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