HHS Cardette Community Service Ideas

by yourteach
Last updated 5 years ago

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HHS Cardette Community Service Ideas

Now its time to show how lucky we are lets feed the needy and collect can goods for our city.

Reminder1. Cardettes write your Christmas letters to Macy's for each letter they receive they donate a dollar to the "Make a Wish Foundation."2. Don't forget to bring your unwrapped toy for the " Toys for Tots Organization."

"Lather Up Hugs and Kisses"

"Cardette Boots Were Made for Stomping Out Cancer Walk"

"Cardettes Save the World"Lets say thanks to the City of Harlingen by cleaning up and recycling.

Lets show off our new memebers to the community. Lets have an Easter Egg Hunt For The Kids.

"Entertaining Our Golden Adults"






Cardettes love animals so get out your best hugs and kisses and wash them for donations or food. If they immunize,spray or adopt lets give them a Cardette Scarf for their mini card.

Get ready to dance and pass out mini stockings with a treat for Ronalds Kids!

"Ronald McDonald House"

Cards Tackle Cancer So lets stomp or dance it out. Lets do it for the girls.

Knitting Baby Bonnets For Future Cards

"Cardettes Show Respect". So lets show off our talents and give them a rose with our cardinal logo on it.


Girls we need to show the kids how important school is.Let go read to them or make an appearance at their Pep Rallies!

"Educating the Young"


"Get ready to become a Mini Cardinal."Lets welcome the new babies to the world by knitting baby cardinal hats to give to the hospitals.



"The Luck of the Cardettes"

Cardettes Serving Up Love To Our Home Town



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