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Hex Hall

Hex HallBy: Rachel Hawkins

Sophie has gotten herself into trouble yet again. She's a witch and she's used magic again. She's had her last chance, now she is going to Hex Hall the school for the supernatural, for what?! A stupid love spell. Sophie is now sentenced to the next couple of years in Hex Hall, hidden away so no human can find it. Sophie never fit in before can she fit in now?




Sophie Mercer (main Character)Jenna (BFF)Archer Cross (crush)Cal (groundskeeper)Mrs.Casnoff (princible)Vandy (PE teacher)Elise (frenemie)Alice (demon)

-Hex Hall

This is an amazing book full of supernatural creatures and magic. See the magical world through Sophie's eyes when you read Hex Hall (the first book in the Hex Hall series) -Tara If you liked this book you may also like...Hush, HushCity of Bones Fallen Clockwork Angel



-control of powers-coming of age-rebellious-


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