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Heuy p Hewton

Huey P. Hewton(Autobiography) by malayzha cunningham

Biographyhuey met bobby seale why he was at Merritt College. they soon founded a group in 1966, they called their group the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Unlike many of the other social and political organizers of the time, they took a militant stance, advocating the ownership of guns by African Americans, and were often seen brandishing weapons. The group believed that violenceor the threat of violence might be needed to bring about social change. They set forth their political goals in a document called the Ten-Point Program, which included better housing, jobs, and education for African Americans. It also called for an end to economic exploitation of black communities. Still the organization itself was not afraid to punctuate its message with a show of force. For example, to protest a gun bill in 1967, Newton and other members of the Panthers entered the California Legislature fully armed. The action was a shocking one that made news across the country. And Newton emerged as a leading figure in the black militant movement. The Black Panthers wanted to improve life in black communities and establish social programs to help those in need. They also fought against police brutality in black neighborhoods by mostly white cops. Members of the group would go to arrests in progress and watch for abuse. Newton himself was arrested in 1967 for allegedly killing an Oakland police officer during a traffic stop. He was later convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to two to 15 years in prison. But public pressure"Free Huey" became a popular slogan of the day helped Newton's cause. The case was eventually dismissed after two retrials ended with hung juries.

Huey P. Newton was an African-American activist best known for founding the militant Black Panther Party with Bobby Seale in 1966.

NAMEHuey P. NewtonOCCUPATIONCivil Rights ActivistBIRTH DATEFebruary 17, 1942DEATH DATEAugust 22, 1989EDUCATIONUniversity of California, Santa Cruz, Merritt CollegePLACE OF BIRTHMonroe, LouisianaPLACE OF DEATHOakland, CaliforniaAKAHuey P. NewtonHuey NewtonFULL NAMEHuey Percy Newton

During its existence, members of the group clashed with police several times. The party's treasurer, Bobby Hutton, was even killed during of these conflicts in 1968. In the 1970s, the Black Panthers began to fall apart. Key members left, and Newton faced more criminal charges. To avoid prosecution, he fled to Cuba in 1971, but he returned three years later.

With the Panthers in disarray, Newton returned to school, earning a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1980. In his final years, however, it is believed that he suffered from a drug problem. The once popular revolutionary died on August 22, 1989, in Oakland, California, after being shot on the street.


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