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Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal

Heston's BackgroundHeston Marc Blumenthal was born on the 27th of May in London, 1966. He lived with his mother Celia, his father Stephen and his sister Alexis in a house/flat in West London. In 1989 Heston married Zanna, they had three kids, Jack, Joy and Jessie Blumenthal. After 20 years Heston spilt up with his wife and he is now dating Suzanne Pirret a cookbook writer.

Focus Area Heston Blumenthal is a famous food design chef, who focus is on doing the impossible with food.

Heston's inspirations

Heston's Training Heston is a famous chef in the food industry, but even though he is a well-known chef he had no proper training as a chef. His only proper training was at the Raymond Blanc's kitchen for a week after that he taught himself how to cook. Heston decide to become a chef when he was 16 years old, when his parents took him to a French restaurant and fell in love with their cooking , after that day he wanted to be a chef and own his own restaurant. Heston and his wife worked hard to get their own restaurant, after years many of hard work, they got their own restaurant called the fat duck.

5 factsFact: Heston is the youngest chef ever to archived three Michelin stars.Opinion: I think it is wonderful achievement to get one Michelin star but three is amazing and to be the youngest chef to do so is just great. Fact: Heston Marc Blumenthal got a degree of Master of Science, at the University of Bristol. Opinion: I think that Heston was smart to get a Science degree so that he can learn new was to experiment with his food. Fact: The Fat Duck restaurant, recipient of three Michelin stars is the 4th UK restaurant ever to do so.Opinion: To have your own restaurant have three Michelin stars and be the 4th in your country to do so must be a wonderful achievement. Fact: Heston loves risk-taking in the kitchen.Opinion: I think that because Heston loves to risk take in the kitchen and this is what he is famous for. I happy to see he enjoys this and he just doesn’t do it for fame and fortune. Fact: The Fact Duck is now located in Melbourne, Australia as well as, England.Opinion: I think this was a good move on Heston’s side because this is the next step to expanding his cutlery career. While also trying new things to suit Australia’s needs, (Which are very different from England’s needs).

Plus: It looks clean and well presented. The bright/different colours make the dish look delicious and that you want to eat it. Minus: The cider in the dish might make the dish appealing, for adults only. Interesting: Interesting combinations of flavours and colours.


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