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Heston Blumenthal

Heston BlumenthalBy Sam Charlier

Scotch eggs

Hay-smoked mackerel, lemon salad and gentleman's relish

This is a Short Clip from Heston's TV show.

BiographyName: Heston Marc BlumenthalDOB: born 27 May 1966 (age 49)POB:London, England Education: Heston attended Latymer Upper School, St Johns Church of England school and John Hampden Grammar SchoolHeston is a self trained cook, he didn't learn from anyone or go to a cooking school.

Some Inspirations for HestonWhen heston was 16 his interest i cooking first began, when he was taken to the Michelin-starred restaurant L'Oustau de Baumanière, heston said "He was inspired by the quality of food. He also said that he was influenced by the cookbook series Les recettes originales and helped inspire him when he was learning.

Heston on mastercheif

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PMI For Roast foie gras with gooseberryPlus- Its a unique dish that looks quite modern, well presented and has a near prefect portion size. Minus- Its a dish that not everyone would eat may put people off who are quite plain.Interesting- Its presentation is it very sharp, accurate and precise. The ingredients/tippings are really interesting.

Fun Facts

Heston is a world class professional chief. Heston owns multiple restaurants three of them being, The Fat Duck, Dinner in London,The Crown at Bray. Heston also has his own TV show.Heston actually invented bacon and egg ice cream. Heston had no professional training (e.g cooking school) what so ever and was self taught. Heston is known to be a food pairing chef who pair foods together that you wouldn't think go together e.g Bacon and egg ice cream.

Roast foie gras with gooseberry


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