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Heston Blumenthal

Heston BlumenthalMad scientest - Chef

Heston Blumenthal first wanted to be a "mad scientist" When he and his perents went on a familly holiday to Provence. He became inspired by foods such as lobster sauce and leg of lamb, so he set his goal to have gastronomy as his professinal ambition. He then spent the next ten years working a series ofd unglamourus day jobs, whilst he was teaching himself French cooking techniques.Heston did not recive and formal training. He did however spend a week working in Raymond Blanc's kitchen. Other than that he is a self taught and motovated chef.Sources of inspiration for him are science, fiction and fantasy, going outside his comfort zone, historical recipes and multisensory experiences.

He started collecting wine at the age of 20, and had around 500 bottles, which he later had to flog to fund his first restaurant. Opinion - at least he didn’t drink them.He wishes he could be able to say no. Opinion – It’s good to have balance between yes and no.His 5 year plan is to balance my work and family life. Opinion – Everyone needs to have that balance.His life in six words: never enough time in the day. Opinion – I agree with that.He get cross with people sitting on the middle lane of the motorway when the inside lane is empty. Opinion – Road rage is not good.


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