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Inventors and Inventions

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Herta Marks Ayrton

April 28, 1854 - August 26, 1923England

1912: Made refinements to early film projectors and search lights

The Ayrton Fan: 1914Despelled poisonous gas from the trenches in WWI.

1884: Invented and patented a Line Divider that could divide a line equally.

Hertha Marks Ayrton

In 1881, she graduated from Girton College at Cambridge. She did not receive a degree because they didn't award degrees to women at the time.

She married W.E. Ayrton in 1885. They had one daughter, Barbara Bodichon,in 1892.

Hertha Marks Ayrton was born Pheobe Sarah Marks. When she was a teenager, she changed her name as a symbol of independence.


She was the first woman elected to the Institution of Electrical Engineers in 1899.Aryton was an expert in electrical arc lamps. She wrote a standard textbook in 1902 called The Electrical Arc. She was awarded the Hughes Medal in 1906 by The Royal Society for her work on electrical arcs.

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Lauren ArenaPeriod 3

Highly involved in women's suffrage and peace movements.


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