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Hershey has been around since 1894. At least it has been in Milton’s head since then. Originally, Hershey consisted of only chocolate, specifically they candy bar and the kisses. However, after Mr. Reese death, his peanut butter cup company was sold to Hershey’s. In 1927, the company went public and offered the selling of 350,000 shares. Hershey produces snacks from chocolate to gum. They have more products than any of the incorporations that I’ve researched (they’re all under the same brand, unlike the rest of them). The future of Hershey is looking a lot different from its history. Hershey bars used to be sold for as low as $0.05. Today, some sell for over a dollar. The worth of a dollar has gone down significantly. People aren't spending as much money on luxureys, this is causing the stock value to drop, and it's hard for the company to crawl back up to even $35. They appear to be slowly falling.

Products Brands: Hershey's Bliss Jolly RancherHershey's Cookies Breath Savers Hershey's Syrup Ice BreakersYork Peppermint Pattie KissablesAlmond Joy Kit Kat Mounds TwizzlerReese's FastBreak5th Avenue Mr. Goodbarand more, go to...



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