Hershey Company

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Hershey Company

Hershey Company (HSY)

-Solid investment-It has been around for a long time. Even though jobs have been shipped to mexico, people are still buying. Candy is good for any occasion Everyone likes candy.

Products:Hershey's Chocolate Bars, Mr. Good Bars, Kit Kats, M&M's, Reese's, and many more.-Hershey is going to be constantly developing new candy to keep things fresh with the public.

Some More Brief History- Origionated in Derry Church (now Hershey) PA.-invented hearshey kiss in 1907.-Acquired Reese's in 1963.

- Hershey was founded in 1894- I own Hershey Park, Chocolate World, Hershey Bears, Hershey Park Stadium, and Giant Center.


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