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Ai Weiwei(Chinese hero)

Ai Weiwei, a Chinese progressive artist, is rarely known by Chinese but a well-known international arist. The reason why almost nobody in China know him is because his artist work involves in critical comment about Chinese government. Facing with the persecution of Chinese govenment, he is still posting and spreading his artist work to the world which perfectly reflect a "real China". He should be introduced into the hall of heroes because he never gives up about telling people truth, although it is against the government.

BackgroundBorn in 1957, Ai Weiwei is the son of Ai Qing, a super famouse poet. During the cultural revolution, he and his family members were sent to Xinjiang-the very west of China for five years. From 1991 to 1993, Ai went to the U.S and further his study of art. Then he went back to China for taking care of his father. Since 1994, Ai had held numerous art exhibition and published a lot of pictures which are seen as improperly art work by Chinese government until he was arrested by the police in 2001. And the Chinese government excused for the tax case.

Time Line In the past several years, Ai Weiwei ceated plenty of "truely and brave" artist work, however, those act is seen as improperly and abnormal and even unstandable by Chinese government.1.On August 28, 1957, Ai Weiwei was born in Beijing China. 2. In 1958, he and his family was sent to Beidahuang, Heilongjiang.3. Then they were exiled to Shihezi where Ai lived for 16 years.4. Ai enrolled in Beijing film academy and studied there in 1978.5. In 1978, he became one of the founders of " The Stars" with Ma Desheng, Wang Keping, Li Shuang, and so on.6. Ai spent 13 years in the U.S since 1981, where he studied design and began creating conceptual arts.7. In 1993, Ai went back to China due to his father was ill.8.In 1987, Ai held his personal exhibition in New York, the U.S.9.In 1994, Ai held China Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.10.In 1996, he joined the Morden Artist Work among China, Japan, and South Korea.11. Ai built a studio house which is seen as his first architectural project in the northeast Beijing.12. In Juanuary, 2001, Ai held an artist exhibition in art center.13. In 2002, Ai was the curator of the project Jinhua Architecture Park.14. In 2006, Ai published numerous of photography and held many exhibition.15. In 2007, he published an exibition Fairy Tale in Germany.16. Ai Weiwei involved in creating Beijing National Stadium.17. He joined an artist exhibition to spread Chinese morden art in Switzerland.

Ai's passport was taken by the police and he did not get it until 2015. The Chinese government did this in order to prevent him going aboard to hold exhibition and do any international activity.

Most noticeableDuring 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Ai Weiwei did searched and found out the cause of tens of thousand death. He then reported it, however, that made government very upset. Then the Chinese government blocked his report and arrested him accusing for tax issue. And what is worse than that, government even hired two people to monitor Ai and reports his whereabouts everyday.

That makes him a hero.

Because Ai always tells the truth, he even got beaten by the police guard.

Ai has designed numerous artist work.


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