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Hero Project Sample

My Hero: Lamar Davis

My dad is my hero because he's never let me down. He's spent his whole life working hard to make life better for his family, and he continues to do so. Even though I'm nearly 40, I can always call on my dad for help.

Top 5 Facts About My Hero:1. At the age of 12, he became responsible for providing income for his mom, his disabled father, and his younger sisters. 2. He used education as a way to escape the life of poverty he was born into.

3. He worked his way through college, with he and his wife graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi. (I graduated from there 25 years after him!)4. He retired as an Executuve Vice President of Lucent Technologies.5. He recently celebrated 46 years of marriage!

BibliographyDavis, Lamar. 5 August, 2011. Personal Interview.


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