Hernández Family Migration

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Hernández Family Migration

- my father had 5 brothers and 1 sister, all of them very studious and all became PHDs in medicine, law, history, and engineering- 4 of them live and teach in the US- 2 are in México - 1 passed away from Lukemia in 2001 (Carlos)- my father’s grandfather came from Japan and my father’s grandmother came from France - my father’s genome is 25% Japanese, 25% Italian, 26% Spaniard, 23% Native American, and 1% Semitic- my father had 2 older children from his previous marriage: Santiago (MD) and Stella (JD)- opportunity of immigration was that after training, he was able to start an open heart program in San Diego County and founded Excel Hospital in Tijuana for cardiovascular services

- the medical field in Mexico was not as promising as in the US- came from wealthy merchant in Mexico and liked to travel; spent a year in Canada, Europe, and finally the USA

Push Factors

Pull Factors

- my father was pursing his training in the medical field

- the Immigration Act of 1965 gave preference to professionals, scientists, and artists of exceptional ability- great majority of Mexican Immigration was because of economic reasons; uneducated and poor people- my father was not in the great majority; he was a highly skilled professional (already MD)

Third Wave of Immigration

My father immigrated from Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal to New York City, New York in 1972

Traditional Foods

- pozole - quesadilla- mole (chile ancho pounded, chocolate, cacahuate [peanut], and other spices)- sopa de letras- sopa de fideo- enchiladas- chalupas (thick corn tortilla [open] with lettuce, carne de sembrada...)- itacates (made of corn: contains pounded garbanzo beans)- moletes (fried; maza and inside spicy chorizo: shape of cigar)- chicales (fried queen ants, grinded in molcahetes)- jamonsillo (candy; contains coconut)- arroz con leche (tapioca)- chacales/langostinos (river lobster)- tortas (telera [type of bread] slice in middle, take out some migajón, put ham, tomato, lettuce, and jalapeños)- pan de granillo (sweet bread with jam)

My father at the bottom right in 1957 with his parents and two of his brothers, Jorge and Julio

My father at 18 years driving his new Ford Falcon

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