hernando de soto

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hernando de soto

De Soto's most famous voyage was when he went to southern North America. He then discovered the Mississippi River.

De Soto worked for Spain.

The Goal of his voyage was to find treasures like silver and gold.

No one knows exactly when de Soto was born. It is believed that he was born around the year of 1500 AD. He was born in a region of Spain.

De Soto lived a somewhat short life of about 42 years.

De Soto's voyages consisted mostly of South America. Later he journeyed to the southern regions of North America.

De Soto impacted the world by finding the Mississippi River. This river was later used as means of transportation, communication, and trading or shipping.

On his voyage to South America, de Soto helped conquer civilization and rule them. When he ventured to Norht America, he found the Mississippi River and explored much of the southern regions.



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