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Hernando de Soto

Hernando de soto

early Life My birth date was never recorded they think it was between 1496 and 1500.I was born in extremadura where people travel away because extremadera is very poor so I also wanted to sail out to find riches.I grew up in two towns in extreamadera which are Badjoz and Barcarrota.I explored a lot at a young age at nearby lakes ect.I also liked horse back ridding and mock battles.

One of my voyages is when I sailed to costa rica and most of us sailed from there to florida. From there we travled though Arkasas,Oklahoma,and Texas.During the trip I became one of the richest men in the world.During that expedition I also headed to the gulf of mexico from southeastern united states.I died on May 21,1542 in the Indian village of Guachoa.


what I found I found pearals weapons food that was in a indian tribe, unfortanatly it burned when we set the village on fire with the supplys inside.Luckly, that was early on, I also found another tribe where, we got all the gold and made them into bars that were shiped to spain.

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