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Hernando de Soto

What the explorer did

When and where the explorer made his exploration

Who sent the explorer?

Hernando De Soto

The importance of the mission was to invade the Incan tribe for valuables like coins and other various items made of fine metals and gems. The raid was successful and they brought home most of the items the Incans had. He then went to north America to explorer and raid other small villages.

Who sent the explorer? Hernando was not sent by anyone to go to Peru and throughout north America. It was his job as a conquistador to searched the Americas for riches.

Hernando de Soto, was a Spanish conquistador who explored the Inca tribe. He also made a trip through Florida Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. He then went west through north America

He made his conquest of the Incas in 1530 to 1534 when he packed his loot and went back to Spain. He made another journey through Florida up to Mississippi in 1539 to 1540. From 1541 he traveled through Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. He then died in Mississippi.

The importaince of the exploration

Details about the explorers life

Details about the explorations

The first exploration started In Peru and went up through the Incan empire. The next trip took place in North America and spread out throughout the country. This exploration went through 15 states. He then died on his way back home due to a fever.

Hernando lived in spain as a kid and grew up to be a very powerful counqustador. he explored the incan empire and a great portion of North America. He then died in 1541 of a fever in Mississippi.


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